Why we are different... and how you can be
Difference in Web Design

Why we are different

We provide full training how to manage your web site and run your marketing activities on your own. With your website you will receive an excellent interactive marketing online course. You will save on marketing yet you will be able to compete at the highest level.

When we build your website we never use any encoding. This means that if you are not satisfied with our Support Service you will be able to move your website away and any webdesign company who has the ability to deal with PHP and MYSQL programming languages can take it over and modify it easily.

...and how you can be

Green Forest Design specialises in designing cost effective web sites and providing low cost yet powerful
Internet Marketing.

We do this by focusing on your exact marketing needs and providing training, tools and resources that will enable you to make your on-line business a success. You have the opportunity to increase your sales, compete more effectively and discover new markets without spending on expensive marketing campaigns.

Cost effective websites for small businesses

The Internet is growing every day and you have a great opportunity to benefit from it by promoting your business successfully online.

You may have a website but is it generating business for you? You need a powerful low cost website designed to bring in new customers and leads.

If people are looking for your services or products on search engines, then you need to have an Internet Marketing campaign that includes Search Engine Optimisation.

Support Service in a different way

Our support line is way different from the usual help lines. Your call will never be answered by an operator who has no idea about you or your business. You can forget the usual "We will call you back" phrase. When you call our support line you will always talk to the developer who actually designed your site and knows it in and out.
All your questions will be answered promptly. Test us now: 0845 226 80 66 Call Now!

Mission - Knowledge - Trees

Our mottos:

  1. Knowledge must be free of charge! Work should be paid!
    We believe in the freedom of Internet and Human Knowledge. If we have to solve a task for you
    we will always give our knowledge free of charge. You pay only the hours we worked for you.
    We will never misuse your lack of information and over charge you on projects that
    seem to require advanced knowlegde.
  2. Nature needs to be protected!
    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the main causes of global warming. Unfortunately we all produce it
    by driving cars, using computers and watching TV.
    By planting trees in long life forests we can help reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.
    Each time we build a website, we plant a tree. With the completion of your project you will receive a
    certificate of a tree dedicated only to you!

Brochure Websites   E-commerce Websites   Extras & Add-Ons
Broschure Websites   E-Commerce Websites   Add-Ons
Need a website that you are able to update frequently? Want to have full control of your on-line presence?


  Our E-commerce solutions get your on-line store up and running only in a few days and you can manage it by yourself easily.
  See the list of extra functions that can be added as extra features to your website. Many of them are FREE of charge.


Google Optimisation, Analytics
Stationery, Print
So what is search engine optimisation? Our SEO services will improve your rankings in the main search engines.

Branding, Stationery, Graphics
Stationery, Print
We provide branding and logo solutions that meet your requirements and create a unique business identity.

Internet Marketing

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