Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation
Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for UK web sites will improve your
page rankings in the main search engines including Google, Yahoo! and MSN,
with carefully chosen search terms.

So what is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising and promoting a website over the Internet for top rankings in search engines. Improving a website so that it tallies with search engine algorithms will give it a higher chance to be found by potential customers.
Don't forget that SEO alone will not guarantee profit. You need to consider a Marketing Management Plan.
Read our simplified tutorial on Internet Marketing.

Why our SEO servcice isn't completely free?

Our basic optimisation is actually comes free with your wesite and also our knowlegde about SEO is free of charge. If you are willing to do the work by yourself and you need a little guide we are happy to help.
Few years ago you needed to use and apply only few tricks. These days when the google search algorithm is very complicated to achiave good results we need consistent and detailed work. It takes many hours of searching, comparing and optimising your site so basically you pay our working hours.

Please read the options and choose the level that your web site requires.

Option Basic SEO

  • Optimising company name to be found in SEs with customerís description and phrases

  • Applying image ALT tags relevant to page content

  • Uploading SEF patch via ftp for enhanced SE Robot activity

  • Installing Stat Counter Module for Shopping Cart to detect visited products
    (date/number of visits on products/visitor IP)

Option Advanced SEO

  • Applying Bold and Italics in the text to most relevant keywords

  • Custom meta tags

  • SEO friendly urls including Shopping Cart Extension

  • Creating unique email for Google Submissions

  • Setting Google Submissions

  • Creating and submitting Live XML Sitemap generator to Google

Option Full SEO

  • Getting good keywords

  • Perform full SEO analysys of your website and email to you in a PDF format.
    It shows clearly your site's content and position towards your competetitors

  • Registering at and other important directories

  • Installing Google Base component and Live submitting all products

  • Business Location registration with Google

  • Listing on Green Forest Design SEO database with link to key pages of your website

  • Submitting the site to major UK directories (E.G: UK Small Businesess, Hot Frog etc.)

  • Installing Google Analytics module, providing monthly reports for 6 months and
    free training on request


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