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E-commerce and Online Marketing have a huge impact on the way we do business in the UK. They can lead to dramatic growth in sales leads, provide access to new markets and improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Internet marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing – growing at a rate of over 41% per annum. Exceeding the spend on direct mail, it currently represents over £2Bn, or nearly 15% of all marketing spend by UK businesses.

The majority of businesses, particularly small businesses, spend the higher proportion of their marketing budget in conventional areas such as Yellow Pages™ and local press advertising. If you are one of the 1.8 million small businesses in the UK, you should consider using Internet marketing.

According to a recent survey carried out by the CBI, most companies regard the Internet as having a substantial or revolutionary effect on their business. Yet over two thirds of them admit to having a lot to learn about how to take advantage of this opportunity.
We have prepared a short tutorial about our approach to cost effective marketing.
We have simplified our model so you can easily understand the benefits of SEO.

Internet Marketing

Our aim is to let Google know about your business, products or services.

We approach this by applying two methods.

  • Search Engine Optimisation : In basic terms, we optimise your website so that Google can obtain the data that is relevant to your profile
  • We organise a "Pay per click " campaign to promote your website
The ultimate target is that when someone searches the Internet for a product or a service that you provide, they will find you on the first pages of Goggle.

Our aim is to optimise your keywords based on your website content.
This will enable Google to "match" your website with the search terms of a potential client who is interested in the type of products or services that your business provides.

When a client finds your site and makes a purchase on-line, we make sure that all the data is captured and stored in a safe database.
To keep existing clients is the essence of all business growth.

We build an on-line communication platform that strongly emphasises you branding and identity. This enables you to keep regular contact with your clients and promote your discounts and special offers.
Using this approach you will be able to encourage your first time visitor to become a regular customer.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of Internet Marketing.
If you have any questions we are happy to provide more detailed information.
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